Pirouette update!

woah! It's been 2 months since I last updated my blog. Facepalm. 

Excuse? Back to a full time long term freelance gig at a studio.  Plus life and allergies and personal health weirdness making me feel not 100%. 😁😣😁 

But I've been able to squeeze in 2 hours a day on post work on my film and like the author of Moby Dick (who also didn't "have time" to write but squeezed to time anyway) I slowly but surely got a lot done. It's about one tiny step moving you forward anyway even if your can't jog you still make progress!  

Always Pirouette is completely cleaned up in post and edited.

Holy moly my film was messy. For example Sean (boyfriend who also animates and does other awesome stuff) animated a shot with a moving camera and about 20 different holes on the ground that I had to patch up in post as the camera is moving. This took a week of 2 hour work days-8 to 10pm to fully clean. 

So much roto. Which I personally don't mind but it takes time. So much time.... 😳  

I'm currently working out a couple of tweaks here and there but it's finally clean. Next is color correction and some effects and music and sound effects and credits and title animation. 

Then I get this thing ready for the festivals. Everywhere. 

  I'm excited to be done and can't wait to begin my next project. I have so many ideas that I want to pursue and return too.  And also excited to share with you guys. 


I also have to mention that 1 month from now I will be going on an adventure to Iceland with Sean. Its been a dream of mine to go to this country since my favorite band Sigur RIs is from there and I want to see nature somewhere completely new. 


so so so excited for what it will bring.  




P.S. if your going to midsummer scream I will be there on Sunday!! Woo yeah!